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A Muggle Camping Delicacy

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Lily. James. Severus. Remus. Peter. Sirius. What were the halls of Hogwarts like when they ruled the castle.. as students, or as teachers? Wherever the Marauders are, have been, or will be, S'mores is the place where their stories will be told -- by you.

This is a prompt-based fanfiction community. Join or browse-- the choice is yours. But whichever you choose, welcome to S'mores, and enjoy!

While a full set of rules can be found here, here are the basics.

· All fics must be more than 150 words. However, no novel-length fics based on one prompt. If you would like to use one prompt for each chapter, it's up to you, and have fun.
· Whatever the length, please separate with an lj-cut.
· Fanfics must be either G, PG, PG-13. No R fics. This means nothing explicit, and there can only be mild cursing kept to a minimum.
· Please have your fics beta-read before you post them! If there is an inordinate amount of grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors (10 for every 100 words), the post will automatically be deleted.
· For format, please look at the first fics posted in the community.
· There must be a different fic for each prompt. All fics must be your work and yours alone, but may be cross-posted to other communities or fanfiction sites.

Please feel free to promote us!! (Though if you're advertising in a community, please make sure it's allowed -- some communities don't allow promotion.)

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