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(An Unwanted Lesson)

Title: An Unwanted Lesson
Character(s): All Marauders are mentioned, though only three make an appearance.
Prompt: 10.Kiss
Rating: PG for one use of 'bloody hell' and some implied...stuff.
Word Count: 586
Summary: This is why you don't wake a sleeping James Potter.


"Lily, don’t let go. I like that very much."

"I’m scared to even ask..."

"As you properly should be Peter. As you properly should be."

"Well we’re going to have to wake him up sooner or later. It’s nearing midnight, we should have left ages ago."

Sirius Black tilted his head in a sort of acknowledgment of Peter’s worry, but he said nothing more as he quietly slipped out of bed, sneaking over to James’ bed to peer at the boy. He knew well enough that waking James up whilst he was in a Lily-induced sleep was one of the stupidest things he could possibly do in the middle of the night, with only one witness around (and not a very reliable one, for Peter had the tendency of fainting or just crawling into a ball at the first signs of trouble), but it had to be done.

Which is why after three rounds of rock-paper-scissor, Peter was tittering nervously, eyes wide in a frantic show of panic. Even as he tried to mouth words begging for mercy, he slowly inched his way towards their friend’s sleeping figure, wand hand trembling so much that a crease grew between Sirius’ eyes.

"Um Peter . . . are you ok?"

The boy nodded quickly, stepping those last feet next to the bed and, carefully, prodding James between the shoulder blades with his wand. A loud, drawn out snore and a few more minutes about Lily and her lilac scented hands later, and James had stretched his arms out, turned onto his other side, and had wrapped his arms around the nearest object, pulling it close to him and then settling himself back to sleep, smiling with content.

Unfortunately for Peter, the object that was closest to James had been he at that precise moment, and the boy whimpered weakly, struggling against the steel grip that was making it hard to breathe.

Sirius was on the other side of the room, rummaging through James’ trunk for the Invisibility Cloak, appearing with a triumphant ‘ha!’, and a grin on his face that immediately contorted into a barely held back laugh when James pulled Peter closer, rubbing his cheek into the other’s as if he were a stuffed animal.

"S–Sirius, help me." The small boy gasped, still coming to no avail as he dropped his wand, tried to pry James’ arms from around his neck, no matter how affectionate it was meant to be. "I can’t breathe."

A muffled guffaw was the response, and Peter had no need to try looking for where it came from as Sirius, wrapped in the Invisibility Cloak with all but his head covered, seemingly ‘floated’ next to the door.

"Don’t worry a thing about it Peter, I’ll go off and get Remus to come and help you out of this mess. I’ll be just a second, ok?" Sirius said in what was supposed to be a reassuring tone; he pulled the cloak over the rest of his body and slowly maneuvered his way down the first few steps when the strangled voice called out to him once more. A tired sigh, and he continued on downwards, muttering to himself.

"Peter can be such a wuss sometimes. S’not like James is going to go and snog him like he may be--"

The painting had swung shut behind him, and the silence prickled his skin in the form of goose bumps.

"Bloody hell, that moon better set soon or else Wormtail’s getting an unwanted lesson on how to French a girl."

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