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Set 2 Prompt 13 - "Friendship"

Title: Trust
Prompt: "Friendship"
Rating: G
Genre: General
Characters/Pairings: Remus and Lily
Summary: Lily figures out Remus's secret.
Word Count: 388

"May I sit here?"

Remus looked up from his studying to see Lily Evans, holding a few books.

"Of course," he said, moving his books to one side of the table so that she had room for her own.

"You seem to be studying a lot," she said, taking the seat and staring at his mountain of books.

"Well," he said jokingly, "our O.W.L.s are only two years away. I'm behind, really."

Lily smiled for a moment before spreading her books out, all about astronomy. She opened one to a moon chart.

"You know," she said, suddenly very seriously, "I was working on my astronomy homework..."

Remus was a little confused. "Oh, yeah, I just finished that. Did you want to go over them, or...?"

"Well, I thought I'd include the relation to our moon, and when I came across the moon chart, I.... I noticed something."

Remus swallowed, afraid of what was coming.

"You were gone last Friday, weren't you?" she asked.

"Well, I – I don't remember, it might've been –"

"Yes," Lily said, "because Black was complaining loudly that he couldn't copy your homework and Potter tried to be my partner during Potions..."

"Oh. Well...."

"The night before that was the full moon," she continued.

"Really? I... I hadn't noticed."

"I tried remembering, and every day you've been gone this year has been the day after the full moon... I don't remember too well, but I'm fairly sure last year you left about every month, too."

"So?" he asked, his throat tight.

"So..." she said softly, finally looking up after avoiding his gaze for the entire conversation, "are you a... a werewolf?"

His mind was racing, trying to think of any excuse he possibly could, but something about the way Lily was staring at him made him feel that it was pointless to lie. "I... yes. I'm a werewolf. But please, please don't tell anyone. I mean, the staff already knows, and – "

"Potter and them know, too, don't they?"

He sighed. "Yes, they figured out last year. I really honestly trust that they won't tell anyone. I mean, they're my friends."

Lily smiled weakly. "You can trust me, too. I swear I won't tell. After all, we're friends, too, aren't we?"

And with a return smile from Remus, she gathered up her books and left the library.
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That was great, I loved that!:]